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Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, I’m here to ease you and your family through the transition to parenthood.  Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, you and your family need support. For the mother specifically, I provide a listening ear, companionship, reassurance, and some much needed rest.

My goal is to help you feel supported, empowered, and confident as you enter this new phase of parenthood.


Cost: $30 per hour

          A $50 deposit is due upon signing a service agreement. This ensures my availability for your                family and a one hour in-home prenatal visit.

*Note: For childbirth class and/or birth doula clients, I waive the deposit


If you contact me before your baby is born, we will meet in your home before baby is born to establish a service agreement, as well as provide some postpartum education. Once baby is born, we will establish a week to week schedule according to your needs. If you have found me after your birth, we can arrange a meeting to create a service agreement.

Nurture and Support

  • Mothering the Mother

    • Be near mom to offer a listening ear, companionship, and reassurance​

  • Offer ideas for newborn care and soothing

  • Help with older siblings

  • Offer rest as needed for mom and partner

  • Foster confidence in your abilities as a mom and new family


  • Normal newborn growth and development

  • Normal postpartum recovery for mom

  • Breast and bottle feeding

Household Organization

  • Meal preparation, laundry, errands and general tidying

Labor Doula Services

As your labor doula, I provide emotional and physical support, as well as education and advocacy.  I am not a replacement for your partner, but a support to both of you.  


Cost: $900

 This includes three virtual and one in home prenatal visit, one in-home postpartum visit, as well as my time with you during active labor. 

 $450 is due upon signing a service agreement. The balance is due at the postpartum follow up visit.

Emotional and Physical Support

  • I am available three weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date​
    • As needed, I will be available via text, email, or phone call​
  • In active labor, I provide reassurance, guidance and suggestions for Mom's comfort and partner's involvement

Evidence Based Information and Advocacy

  • I provide you with evidence based information and resources to make informed decisions
  • I serve as a communication bridge between you and your providers as needed/desired

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